Different Types of Driving Records

Driving records are available in a wide variety of types, depending on your state of residence. Motorists must choose the personal driving record that suits their specific needs when ordering in person, by mail or online through an authorized third-party provider. To learn about the different types of DMV driving history reports available, review the sections below. Then, once you choose the driving record that is right for you, click here to begin ordering your driving documentation online.

Uncertified vs. Certified Driving Records

Uncertified drivers records are typically employed for personal use to verify that the information on the drivers history report is accurate and up to date. However, only certified driving records fulfill legal and official purposes. A certified DMV record is one that has had its accuracy verified by the state's motor vehicle department. As such, the details on this driving record are reliably accurate and typically used by potential employers and car insurance companies to determine whether or not to do business with the subject named on the record. To get a copy of driving record documentation today, fill out this simple online request form.

Driving Abstracts

Driver history abstracts feature all of the violations, accidents and license actions that the subject has been involved in since being able to operate a motor vehicle legally. As such, driving abstracts are accessible to order by employers, attorneys, insurance companies, courts and law enforcement agencies for official use. Ordering state driving abstracts in minutes is possible by applying online. Get started now by filling out our online driving record form today.

Driver's License Status Records

Another DMV driving record option you may choose is the personal driving history report that focuses on license status. The drivers license record, also known as the status record, typically only features your license's current standing, your full name, your address and your date of birth. Ordering this report is the easiest way to find out if your current license is presently active, inactive, suspended or revoked. To order your driving records online, fill out our digital form here.

Set-Year Driving Records

Your driving record may only cover a certain period of time, depending on the type of record you choose and your state of residence. Contingent on where you reside, 3 year driving records may be available, as well as 7 year driving records and more. When checking driving records, it is important to choose the option that best suits your needs and encompasses the time period that you require. A 3 year driving history may be all that is necessary if you only need to review recent events. However, for a more complete coverage of your driving past, you may require a lengthier report. To get quick access to your records, fill out our driving record request form here.

Complete Driving Records

Complete or full driving records encompass all of your driving history. This means that these complete driving history documents contain all previous violations, driver's license issuances, accidents and more. A full drivers record will even display violations that were removed after traffic school was elected. Those who want a comprehensive view of their personal driving history can see everything that has occurred since they began driving legally within their complete driving record. Click here to get your driving record instantly.